Hi everyone,

This is my wife Marina (47).


She's the first person whom you'll contact with.

She is the one answering your emails, managing our website, doing advertising, taking care of maintenance, and most often welcoming our guests.

She loves making new decorations and keeping all our apartments in impeccable state.

marina karacic


This is my husband Hrvoje (48).


I am thrilled that we are able to collaborate perfectly in our work.

Beside managing the apartments from the background and occasionally taking care of guests.

He is always there when something needs repairing, when a new piece of furniture needs to be devised, or to welcome a guest in the wee hours of the night.



This is our oldest son Daren (22).


From the beginning of the renovation until the opening of the apartments, he has become our helping hand.

He is responsible and kind, speaks English fluently, and he's perfectly reliable in all our business activities.

He is an excellent driver, skilful and capable of fixing almost anything all by himself.

He is the person you'll almost certainly meet during your stay with us.



Jan is our younger son (19).


He is very active at school and sports, so for now he rarely meets our guests.


Zoya (3 year).


Zoya is our pet golden retriever.

She is our moving power, fun for the whole family and our one big love.


Enjoy your stay We truly love the work we do, and maintaining our beautiful apartments and taking care of our dear guests is something that gives us immense pleasure. We hope that you will enjoy our apartments, just as much we enjoy your staying with us.

Contact Information

Telephone: +385 91 503 9197
Category: ***
Location: Zagreb, 10000

Maksimir apartments: ┼Żupanova 7
Price range: starting from 70 EUR

Ap. Maksimir